Brody Jenner Needs a Friend

Looking to hit the medium-time? Enjoy clubbing, beard stubble and sycophancy? Have absolutely no standards regarding the company you keep?

Then MTV wants you!

The former music network and Ryan Seacrest Productions will be holding an open douche call for the upcoming Brody Jenner reality show Bromance, which is about the overprivileged son of a track legend embarking on the path to self-discovery. Or something.

According to a press release on The Beantown Bloggery, “Bros selected to participate on MTV’s BROMANCE will be flown to Los Angeles, move into a mansion, and live the celebrity highlife! You will have the opportunity to party with beautiful women and get to see what it’s like to be a part of Brody’s Entourage.”

The show’s bound to offer many interesting challenges to its contestants. Such as sneaking Brody back into the clubs he’s been banned from. Or resisting the urge to lube up Cora Skinner.

Who could say no to that?