Brooke Hogan Cheeks in on Bikini-Pic Controversy

Brooke Hogan Cheeks in on Bikini-Pic Controversy-photo

One person's borderline incest is another gal's good, clean family fun.

Just ask Brooke Hogan. The 20-year-old daughter of leathery wrestling legend Hulk Hogan recently opened up to Us Weekly about the famously creepy photo of her pops rubbing lotion into her glutes.

"I know I'm a grown woman, but it's like he's touching an old car," Brooke professes. "He used to change my diaper!"

Sure, Brooke; he's just buffing the ol' jalopy.

What a sweet slice of Americana this Hogan clan is. Dad's dating a virtual clone of his daughter. Mom is dating a friend of her son, who's currently in jail for putting another buddy in a vegetative state. Which everyone in the family seems to blame the vegetable for.

No wonder they're being honored with another reality show in the form of Brooke Knows Best, which premieres on VH1 next month.

Keep an eye out for the very special episode where Brooke dyes Dad's pubes. It'll be just like painting an old fence.



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  • Bob

    Think about it, Hogans wife and two kids are all total losers. Without him where would they be??? Hell, with him they are nothing......

  • mesocorny

    full body search

  • mraniston

    Totally innapropriate

  • noah

    To all my little Hulkamaniacs, say your prayers, take your vitamins and you will never go wrong.

  • ballier88

    sweeeeeeeeeet bandana man

  • maneater

    ew hes like black

  • rforrumor

    woah there, his hand is inching towards her womanly parts.

  • allsportsfan

    this family's got all sorts of problems

  • lisatee