Hayden Panettiere Shoots Her Mouth Off

Hot-shot actress Hayden Panettiere—who plays cheerleader Claire Bennett on the hit series Heroes—apparently isn’t too good at keeping secrets.

Hayden made an appearance at the Ford Flex Rally in Los Angeles over the weekend, and blabbed about plot points for the show’s next season, according to Celebrity News Service.

The good news for fans of the perky 19-year-old? A double dose of Hayden in upcoming episodes.

Apparently, the show will return with two Claires—one good, one bad. In an ingenious dramatic twist, one will have dark hair, and the other will have blond hair. Thank God—otherwise viewers might have trouble telling which is which!

If the show’s writers are smart, the two Claires will settle their differences with a lingerie-clad pillow fight, followed by a girl-on-girl kissing session. Because if the miracle of modern technology can’t bring a half-naked Hayden Panettiere making out with herself, we might as well be living in the Dark Ages.

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