Nicole Richie's Stroll-Mama Moment

Nicole Richie's Stroll-Mama Moment-photo

And they say there are no heroes anymore.

Nicole Richie braved the sunlight yesterday and brought six-month-old daughter Harlow out for a walk. Despite the many dangers that such an endeavor presents, the mother-daughter constitutional went off without incident.

The sometimes reality-TV star was honored last month with Babytalk magazine's prestigious Golden Pacifier award, for basically surviving childbirth and not accidentally drowning her kid, so far.

But Richie has truly topped herself. Not only taking a walk with her child, but pushing a stroller so the kid doesn't have to walk herself? Someone contact the Nobel Committee!



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  • lisatee

    shes pretty skinny what r u talking about i agree...she wasn't even this skinny before she had a baby

  • falloutgirl

    Those sunglasses are awful. She has a shitload of money, get some ones that fit your face!

  • hwoodgrrl

    cutest baby everrrr!!

  • mesocorny

    there's totally vodka in that baby bottle

  • mraniston

    shes pretty skinny what r u talking about

  • mynameisearl

    "Harlow's mom takes the kid out for a walk, manages not to enter the freeway from an off-ramp." OMG i'm cracking up

  • flirtyfabulous

    Now that she's not so skinny, she looks really good in anything.

  • neverneverland

    i love her outfit! it's so casual and mama like