Sharon Wants Less Sharin’ with Her Son

If Phil Bronstein has learned one thing over the years, it should be to never, ever piss off his China-infuriating ex-wife, Sharon Stone.

E! News has revealed court documents that indicate the Basic Instinct star is seeking more custody of their seven-year-old adopted son, Roan. If Bronstein’s smart, he’ll step to it.

Actually, that might be kind of hard for him. A Komodo dragon bit off Phil’s toe several years ago, during a petting-zoo excursion arranged by Sharon. Just sort of hop to it, dude.

Sharon’s filing in a San Francisco court seeks a change in Roan’s primary residence.

But look, Sharon, maybe Phil just wants to keep a watchful eye on the kid, ensuring the tyke will never see Basic Instinct 2. Or Catwoman. Or The Mighty. Or The Specialist. Or…