Tyrese Gibson Is Magic

Tyrese Gibson Is Magic-photo

Tyrese Gibson was spotted at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem on June 24, taking a few moments to pray and pay his respects to local residents.

The star of Transformers also magically made himself appear at the BET Awards later that same day.

Probably Tyrese, a veteran of the 2 Fast 2 Furious franchise, rushed from one spot to the other on a supersonic jet. But isn't it just as possible he found a way to bend the space-time continuum, since he used to be a supermodel?

If the "Sweet Lady" singer had wanted to commit some kind of heinous crime, this would have been the day to do it. He already had two perfectly good alibis.



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  • gossipguy

    i want to go to the wailing wall... it looks like an amazing experience

  • cameronkitty

    Is he hugging the walls or what? Are u supposed to do that?

  • hwoodgrrl

    His tattoos are stupid. What are they supposed to even be?

  • thrudawire

    He's just amazing like that

  • falloutgirl

    He's so hunky and looks like he really cares about the people in Jurusalem. He's perfect!

  • mesocorny

    He took his magic carpet...duh