Kingsley and Olsen's May-December Nightmare

Kingsley and Olsen's May-December Nightmare-photo

Thought this was creepy? Then it's probably best to skip the upcoming comedy-drama The Wackness, in which 64-year-old Ben Kingsley and Mary-Kate Olsen make out in a phone booth.

Yikes, no wonder Mary-Kate and Ashley aren't talking to each other these days—Ashley's totally jealous!

"[Mary-Kate] was completely in control," Kingsley told People of the scene.

Hey, that's great! But will viewers remain in control of their stomachs when the near-geriatric Kingsley swaps spit with his 22-year-old costar?

Time will tell. Until then, check out the trailer for the flick, which hits theaters July 3. It doesn't contain any icky, intergenerational making out, we promise.



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  • jennifer

    bob saget - hahahahhaaha! i would have much rather seen her kiss him than Big Ben.

  • jharv

    She should count herself lucky. He was Gandhi!

  • noah

    i wish bob saget was in this movie.

  • moonshine

    "She was completely in control?" That just upped her hotness a couple of levels

  • falloutgirl

    They're perfect for each other.

  • thrudawire

    CREEPER. He takes it to a whole notha level

  • usetheforce

    Strong she is with the men.

  • sexytractor

    He is creepy in every sense of the word.

  • tailormaid

    definetly WACK