Matt Damon: Mr. Big Man

Matt Damon: Mr. Big Man-photo

The Informant is an action-adventure. Matt Damon and Steven Soderbergh powering in the true-life story of the highest-level exec who ever turned whistleblower. Edge-of-your-seat stuff, right?

So, why has Matt suddenly gone from Sexiest Man Alive to a chubby guy-next-door, complete with nerdy hair and John Holmes 'stache?

Well, he loses his mind in the flick, maybe that's it? He's a Method actor, perhaps that's what's up?

Talk about sacrificing for your art. Remember, this is the guy who dropped 50 pounds for Courage Under Fire back when he was an up-and-comer—and needed medication to correct the repercussions to his system.

"I went too far," he said at the time. "I got sick, and I wouldn't do that again because it was just too much."

Wonder how packing on the pounds will play with his docs. Think he'll ever get back to his fighting weight, or we'll all have to start calling him Fatt Damon?  



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  • jharv

    I think that's the Biology teacher I slept with in 12th grade.

  • noah

    he's gonna have to get back in shape if he expects Ben Affleck to take him back after his divorce is final.

  • mesocorny

    Hey! Thats me!

  • notobsessed

    he's always beautiful no matter what!

  • katie999

    body image is the hardest part about being an actor!

  • usetheforce

    The bourne fatty he is!

  • outofdesperation

    fat damon

  • noah

    that mustache cures cancer.