Minka Kelly Took the 'Love' Dump from John Mayer

Minka Kelly Took the 'Love' Dump from John Mayer-photo

Moving on as gracefully as she can, Minka Kelly tells People magazine, "I'm really happy—as long as they're happy, I am."

Minka's talking about her former flame John Mayer and his new girlfriend Jennifer Aniston, and she's operating with incredible restraint.

Consider a tipster's dish to Page Six: "During his relationship with [Minka], John mentioned, 'I don't really get this Jennifer Aniston thing.' "

That was before he saw the Jennifer Aniston thing up close and personal.

Despite any perceived shortcomings, John had enough decorum to give the Friday Night Lights actress a heads-up on his budding romance with Aniston.

According to the spy, "Minka received a call from John prior to the story breaking about his relationship with Jennifer. He apologized to Minka, 'Sorry, but I'm really in love.' "

Kelly's probably just happy her ex is now some other woman's problem. Well, maybe not completely happy.



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  • heather

    minka kelly looks so plain and boring,i think derek jeter just wants the booty,did'nt vanessa minnillo say i give him my a$$ and he gives me all the publicity i need that was in maxim mag...she must be bad in bed she get's dumped alot --donald faison,topher grace,harry morton,john mayer,chris klein(from fantastic four)she does'nt have that hollywood look,she looks like wynona ryder..

  • conni-d

    minka can't act i think fnl sucks the people who fight for the show to stay on live in small towns,and jennifer aniston is a much bettet actress than minka, aniston tv show was the highest rated show on tv besides seinfield minka show fnl is on the verge of cancellation only after one season!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on no comparison aniston rules!!!!!

  • not hot
    not hot

    minky kelly is a nobody and always will be,she has no talent just a big boody go make a sex tape minka already to join vanessa minnillo, kim kardashian,paris hiton,because i've seem friday night lights it's on the verge of cancelation minka can't act sorry>

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Dude is SOOOOOO stupid for dumping Minka. She wipes the floor with Trannyston.

  • noah

    Jennifer Aniston + John Mayer = the most perfect annoying couple ever Jennifer + John Mayer = John Mayer getting more notches on his bedpost. God bless him.

  • mesocorny

    The things i would do to her

  • thrudawire

    Jennifer Aniston + John Mayer = the most perfect annoying couple ever

  • usetheforce

    Jennifer Aniston is part of the dark side. Stay away!

  • drama4mama

    john and jen will be over soon. she's too dependent.

  • mynameisearl

    why can't ex's just forget their past and move on without having to explain? its pathetic

  • spiderpig

    she's 10 X HOTTER than aniston