Nicole Richie Gets ‘Chuck’ed

Wow. Is there any role Nicole Richie can’t fill? Exemplary mother. Reality-TV maven. And now, comedic thespian, according to People magazine.

Paris Hilton’s former partner in crime will make a guest appearance on NBC’s Chuck this fall, playing “a snarky and spiteful girl” who tortured character Sarah Walker in high school and whom Walker must confront at her 10-year reunion.

Well, that sounds original.

The role might poses challenges for Richie, who doesn’t have a spiteful or snarky molecule in her body (her spindly frame can’t accommodate one). But the show’s executive producer, Josh Schwartz, has faith.

“Nicole auditioned for the part and was very funny,” he says. “This role is a great opportunity for her to…be diabolically evil and kick some butt.”

Hmmm, diabolically evil, you say? Perhaps she should hire this chick as an acting coach.