Oprah Winfrey Is All Cleaned Out

Oprah Winfrey has completed her 21-day vegan detox and says she feels “awakened.” It’s probably delusions from malnutrition.

“I want some wine. Bordeaux 82. Just one glass at sunset, almost broke down and had a glass. I didn’t,” Winfrey wrote in her blog.

Oprah, who has the benefit of top chefs working in her home, whipping up things for her every whim, ate meals created from the vegetables in her garden.

“Main meal was a large baked potato with sautéed onions, herbs and olive oil. And fresh green salad with avocado and tomato, lemon, garlic and olive oil,” she wrote.

The media maven was inspired to fast—if that’s what she calls eating baked potatoes and avacado—by a book called Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston.

“This has been exactly what we intended: enlightening. I will forever be a more cautious and conscious eater.”

And then she closed her laptop and hauled ass to BK for a Whopper. Let’s be real.