The Pink Power Ranger Is Knocked Up

The Pink Power Ranger Is Knocked Up-photo

Amy Jo Johnson, the Felicity actress primarily known for her role as the Pink Power Ranger, is with child, according to People.

She is currently starring in CBS' summer series Flashpoint, where she plays a SWAT sharpshooter...though that belly just might get in the way of her rifle.

Johnson, 37, is expecting her first child with fiancé Olivier Giner. The baby is due in the fall.

Johnson's cop series premieres on July 11. Since playing Keri Russell's frenemy Julie Emerich on Felicity and her kidtastic gig on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, she has appeared on ABC Family's Wildfire.

Shotgun wedding! And she already has the gun!




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  • noah

    I heard it was an inter-color baby -- supposedly she got knocked up by the Green Ranger. That whore.

  • imjustbeingkylie

    Amy Jo Jackson . hehehe. thats a funny name!

  • buzzgent

    No way! 'Felicity"' 4 ever!

  • falloutgirl

    OMG Power Rangers!!! That was an awesome movie!!

  • hwoodgrrl

    Ugly dress!

  • sexytractor

    Felicity sucked!!!! It was so so so boring

  • drama4mama

    Dude.. Felicity. Good times.

  • barfbag

    awww i love when older women get pregnant. she still looks pretty good for her age, though.

  • rforrumor

    she used to be my favorite