Video: Tim McGraw Tosses Out Trouble

At a recent Tim McGraw concert in Auburn, Washington, an overzealous fan in the front row caught the attention of the “I Like It, I Love It” singer and was physically removed—by Tim himself.

“Security, get rid of this guy,” the singer announced into his microphone in the midst of performing “Indian Outlaw,” and without missing a beat, McGraw leaned over into the crowd and yanked the unruly fan with one arm until security arrived on the scene to help haul away the dude.

As if to underline his point, as soon as the unfriendly fan was taken offstage, Tim returned and began singing, “I ain’t looking for trouble…”

You gotta love the of DIY attitude Tim has about crowd control. Later on in the evening, McGraw was spotted changing the flat tire on his tour bus, lending a stalled car a jump with his battery and then helping an old lady cross the street and then tile her bathroom.