Amy Winehouse Knocks ‘Em Back for Nelson

Never let it be said that Amy Winehouse lacks decorum.

Oh, no, wait, scratch that. Reverse.

The “Rehab” belter, who performed at former South African President and antiapartheid activist Nelson Mandela’s massive 90th birthday concert in London’s Hyde Park on Friday, apparently warmed up for the set with a distended belly full of liquor.

Prior to sound check, Wine-O was spotted with several bottles of booze.

Amy must have downed that supply pretty quickly, because during sound check she was accompanied on stage by a bottle of vodka.

Later, as she exited a clinic en route to the actual performance, she let one of her nipples out for air. Well, it is summer, after all.

Wooo-hooooo! Next thing you know, Winehouse is sitting on Mandela’s lap and serenading him with her whimsical rendition of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.”

Amy doesn’t seem to be taking the “stop-partying-or-die” ultimatum her doctors laid on her too seriously. Unless hard liquor cures emphysema.

You might want to hold your own big gala on your next birthday, Amy. Chances are you won’t be having too many more of them.

Check out streaming video of the concert here. Who knows, Amy might knock back a few more and retake the stage.