Charlie's AARP Angels

Charlie's AARP Angels-photo

Jaclyn Smith, 60, says there could be a Charlie's Angels reunion in the works. Screw Drew, Cameron and Lucy! We're talking old school—Kelly, Jill and Sabrina!

Smith, who is the current host of Bravo's Shear Genius, says it could be a go if it's the right project. She means if there's a check involved and plenty of Metamucil at the craft services table.

"We'd like to do it if it's right," she tells Extra. "If we have a script that is 'today,' it would be fun, I think, to bring us back together."

Seeing as Farrah Fawcett is currently battling cancer, she might have to sit this one out. They've got Kate Jackson, and they can get Cheryl Ladd! Or even Tanya Roberts! Or...Shelly Hack? Okay, maybe not.

Jaclyn played Kelly Garrett and is the only Angel who remained for all five seasons of the famous '70s prime-time "jiggle TV" series.

She says she remains in contact with Farrah. "She's doing great. She's holding her own and she is strong, and I'm proud of her. She is fighting."

Network honchos would be insane to pass up on 60-year-olds running around in bikinis and bagging bad guys. It will be like the Golden Girls, except with guns and hip-breaking karate!



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  • noah

    they still look awesome!~ That's because their adult diapers are cropped out of this photo.

  • maneater

    they still look awesome!~

  • Anonymous

    Will there be holsters for their guns on their walkers? Are you for real? Give me a break.

  • usetheforce

    use the force, they shall!

  • falloutgirl

    I wouldnt watch old ladies pretend like they kick ass

  • spiderpig

    too old

  • moonshine