Heidi and Spencer Are a Huge Pile of Awesome

Could it be more perfect? Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt? On The View? In Las Vegas, the least authentic city in the world?

The two megalomaniacal gun nuts had a sit-down with Barbara, Whoopi and the gals to dish about how The Hills is “100 percent real,” how they’re “engaged to be engaged,” how they’ve amassed a small fortune for basically showing up places and doing nothing and how the producers of The Hills “have GPS systems on us” to keep track of the duo’s many goings-on.

Later on, Heidi put on a little fashion show to parade “some of the hot looks” from Heidiwood’s fall collection.


Peep the video below, then try not to weep as you contemplate how you spent the last five and a half minutes of your life.