Jennifer Aniston’s Extreme Makeover?

It’s Jennifer Aniston, the $100,000 Woman! “We can rebuild her. We can make her more busty, perkier, svelter…”

According to Star magazine, Aniston is planning to undergo $100,000 in cosmetic-surgery, presumably to tighten her grip on current beau John Mayer.

The planned overhaul is said to include a bust bump-up that would bring her into line with former Mayer loves Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love-Hewitt, along with lipo, cellulite treatments and skin facials.

“Jen wants John to think she’s the sexiest woman alive, and having her breasts done and flattening her trouble spots will help her confidence,” a pal of the actress tells the paper.

Wow, Jen; hope all of that is refundable; so you can get your money back when John inevitably dumps your reconstructed bust.

Here’s a thought: Why not invest that money in therapy instead. Desperation isn’t something a scalpel can remove.