Kimora Lee Simmons Is One Well-Paid Mother

Kimora Lee Simmons Is One Well-Paid Mother-photo

Looks like it's a hit-or-miss month for celebrities seeking custody of their kids.

Kimora Lee Simmons, ex-wife of rap mogul Russell Simmons, has gained sole custody of their children, eight-year-old Ming and five year-old Aoki, according to People magazine.

Kimora, the 33-year-old CEO of the Baby Phat clothing line, will receive $20,000 per kid each month in child support, until the girls are 19. Big Russ is also required to buy or lease a car valued at no less than $60,000 every 24 months for Kimora in which to tote the tykes around.

But hey, at least he'll get to see daughters sometimes. As in, one week out of every eight, with a bit more time for summer vacations and holidays.

Hmmm, apparently the $100 million in annual earnings Baby Phat rakes in isn't enough to make ends meet. Russell's probably gonna have to do a whole lotta yoga before he calms down over this.

Kimora, who's currently "kind of engaged" to actor Djimon Hounsou, filed for divorce in March. Hopefully, Russell will figure out something to do on the weeks he doesn't have Ming and Aoki.



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    anotrher black man getting f_CKED

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    we dont really know wat the deal is so stop sayin that bullsh*t

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    her clothes are fabulous just like her new clothing line. fabulosity.

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    those kids are gorgeous

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    Kimora is probably dancing in joy right now. Those kids are set!

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    wow..... russell simmons really got scrwed

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    She towers over him. LOL. She really won this case!

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    WTF??? is that a joke