Mario Lopez Gets Something Off His Chest

GUILTY! Inexplicably popular Mario Lopez was recently named a hot bachelor or something equally cheesy, and during an interview, he waxed on about his lack of chest follicles.

“That’s the Latin Indian blood in me. My dad has a hairy chest, but I don’t,” said Lopez, who has more than once been accused of falsehoods (ask Karina Smirnoff).

Ever suspicious, Star magazine unearthed a 2003 photo of A.C. Slater with what looks awfully like visible chest pubes. So, what, is that some sort of moss or fungal infection on those moobs, Mario?

Star’s readers are like Celebuzz readers (but less sexy), so they got justifiably up in arms about such a grievous miscarriage of justice, taking to the forums with a vengeance.

“What a liar! You can see the stubble on his ta-ta’s…He is a complete loser!!” said one.

Another felt Lopez’s lies about his chest waxing are a personal affront to Jesus Christ: “I think Mario is pretty dishonest. He talks about how religious he is and has such a strong faith. Excuse me…since when is not being honest ok?”

No comment from Lopez’s camp just yet. They are probably too busy reading reports like this and shaking their heads at what constitutes a scandal nowadays.