Michael Lohan Admits to Existence of Love Child

In case you forgot that Michael Lohan sold his soul (and any hope of a relationship with his children) to OK! magazine, the dirt that he just dished to the tabloid about a heretofore unknown Lindsay half-sister should jog your memory.

The born-again Christian dad of Lindsay and Ali Lohan has admitted that while he was separated from their mother, Dina, he engaged in a relationship with a woman, and a daughter resulted from their tryst.

“Years later [the woman] contacted me,” he told OK!, “convincing me that I was the only person she was with and that she had my child.”

The young lass reportedly turned 13 earlier this month and received a phone call from her father. According to the girl’s mother, he has yet to visit his daughter, nor has he ever paid child support. “It’s time for Michael to take responsibility,” she said.

Yeah, get in line, lady.

While you’re waiting, just hope this Lohan doesn’t take charge.