Mini-Me Sues for Maxi-Bucks

Even tiny people can fight back big time. Verne Troyer, or Austin Powers’ little Mini-Me, filed a $20 million federal lawsuit against gossip site TMZ for running snatches of a sex tape he made with his girlfriend at the time, standard-size actress Ranae Shrider.

Dr. Evil’s right-hand man says the tape was stolen and that cease-and-desist letters sent to the Website were ignored.

The suit alleges invasion of privacy, breach of copyright, trademark infringement, violation of right to publicity and misappropriation of name and likeness, and also targets Kevin Blatt, whose claim to fame is the purveyance of Paris Hilton’s One Night in Paris seXXX tape.

Troyer seems to believe that his video slid through Blatt’s porn-brokering hands and onto the Internet.

Blatt is reportedly in cahoots with SugarDVD, which E! Online says bannered a “full-length 50-minute video of Mini-Me in bed with a hot, young, FULL-SIZED sexy woman.”

And who wouldn’t want to see a little Verne going a long way?