Stay Classy, British Royalty!

And people thought Jenna and Barbara Bush were a wild pair of sisters.

First Princess Eugenie, youngest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York, is banned from her college on weekends because of a drunken nude romp.

Now the Daily Mail is reporting that Eugenie’s older sister, 19-year-old Beatrice, has put in back-to-back early morning sessions at hot new nightspot Whisky Mist, looking ragged and bleary-eyed.

Whisky Mist has apparently become a favorite watering hole for the teenage royal and her boyfriend, Dave Clark.

“It’s the place to be seen right now,” a fellow Mist patron told the paper.

Sibling rivalry can be a powerful force, Bea, but putting yourself into Amy Winehouse mode in a bid to out wild your younger sis is a bad idea.

Much better to resolve the issue in a more wholesome manner, such as a pudding-wrestling match on the front lawn of Buckingham Palace.