Uma Thurman Engaged to Superrich Guy

Uma Thurman Engaged to Superrich Guy-photo

Star of The Accidental Husband Uma Thurman recently shook off an overly adoring fan, but she has found herself a mutual love in her boyfriend, Swiss multimillionaire Arpad "Arki" Busson.

As proof of her betrothal, the statuesque blond is sporting a hefty eight-karat diamond, and confirmation was provided by her rep to People. An insider dished to the mag that the ring is one hell of a sparkler: "It's the most beautiful piece I've ever seen."

Busson clearly has a penchant for the tall and gorgeous, having dated supermodel Elle Macpherson, with whom he has two sons.

As for Thurman, her ex-husband, Ethan Hawke, is perched to marry the ex-couple's former nanny who is currently very pregnant with his child. Were Uma petty enough to be comparing notes, getting engaged to a wealthy tycoon might indicate to some that she's winning the breakup war.

Oh, wait, you didn't know relationships were a competition? Well, yes, they are. And by the way, the Tooth Fairy is your mom.


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