J.Lo's Dog Attack Could Cost Her Millions

J.Lo's Dog Attack Could Cost Her Millions-photo

Clothes-horse Jennifer Lopez might need to cut down on her shopping trips and save up to pay for her dog's misbehavior.

Lisa Wilson, former flight attendant for private airline NetJets, claims she was attacked by a German shepherd named Floyd brought on the plane as a guard dog for Lopez.

The incident took place during a flight bound for Burbank, California. Wilson filed a lawsuit in the Brooklyn Federal Court on Thursday. She claims that an hour and a half into the flight, she brushed past Floyd who busied himself "attacking her and biting her pant leg."

Wilson then "twisted and fell," sustaining injuries that she claims have prevented her from working ever since. She believes Lopez is "absolutely liable for all injuries."

Representatives for the singer refused to discuss their client's position on the case. Interestingly enough, they did bite the pant leg of the reporter who asked about it.



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  • goats

    Why on earth would she need a guard dog on what is probably a private jet?

  • Mimi

    A Guard dog????? What da, where is her guard humans, is money low because of da babies.

  • hwoodgrrl

    haha sucks for jlo. she totally deserves it though! shes such a diva

  • bawwow

    Shes totally gonna win and im so happy, JLO sucks!!

  • gossipguy

    i hope this lady wins her case... that really sucks

  • rforrumor

    um since when have they allowed guard dogs on actual flights?