Cutting Edge: Top 10 Plastic-Surgery Question Marks

Cutting Edge: Top 10 Plastic-Surgery Question Marks-photo

Celebrities boast many superhuman powers, but reverse aging? How is it that show-biz folks manage to look better as they get older, when everyone else deteriorates? Their bulbous schnozzes magically become narrow, their droopy eyelids suddenly lift skyward.

Word is, there's this thing called plastic surgery.

Some of the changes in famous faces and physiques are enough to raise eyebrows higher than the most radical facial tuck. Click through these before-and-after shots, and draw your own conclusions...



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  • falloutgirl

    ewwwww i hate these pictures. they were all fine before! its such a waste of $$

  • hwoodgrrl

    I'm so down for some plastic surgery

  • neverneverland

    heidi looks soooo different