Adrian Grenier Wants a Birthday Bash, Dammit!

When the head Entourage dude turns another year older, the entertainment world sits up and takes notice. But that’s not enough for Adrian Grenier, whose 32nd birthday is approaching on July 10.

He wants to party, and he wants a payday.

Page Six reports the curly-haired hunk has been hitting up clubs in the Hamptons for $50,000 for the privilege of hosting his bash.

Sounds like a deal, right? Just think of all the star power and ink a boy bash like this would generate. Any high-class dive would be lucky to have him.

One problem: Nobody’s biting.

Grenier’s rep says the story is wholly untrue, of course, but sources close to the green-eyed guy are spilling credible beans.

Guess Vincent Chase didn’t realize that Lindsay Lohan had given a bad name to overt solicitation.