Amy Winehouse Beats Up Glastonbury

A gum-spitting Amy Winehouse brought her trademark brand of chaos to England’s famed Glastonbury Festival over the weekend. During her performance of “Rehab,” she descended into the crowd to be closer to her people…then elbowed a fan in the face who reportedly said something derogatory about her imprisoned husband, Blake Fielder-Civil.

There are conflicting reports that the fan also made a grab for either her signature beehive or her breasts. Either way, it makes for some delish viewing.

“It wasn’t just a little slap,” a witness told the Daily Mail. “She then kind of retreated back to the stage before charging in again for another go, like she was scrapping in a pub.”

And she didn’t stop there. Wearing a blue sequined dress that was frighteningly close to exposing her nipples, she also took a shot at rapper Kanye West by warbling, “I’m not opening for a c**t like Kanye.” West recently ired fans with a tardy performance at the Bonnaroo Festival.

After this show and her lackluster performance at Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday bash, Wine-O returned to her cage the London clinic for continuing treatment of emphysema.

Still, she wasn’t the only one bringing the Glastonbury drama. Jay-Z took the stage to lead the crowd in a sing-along of the Oasis hit “Wonderwall.” This was probably a middle finger to Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher, who had publicly stated that a hip-hop artist didn’t belong at a rock show like Glastonbury.

Despite Jay’s previous denials, Beyoncé was in attendance, watching from a VIP area and doing everything in her power to avoid the famed Glastonbury mud. Those shoes are expensive, girl!

And there was some romance to be had. Singer Lily Allen was seen reuniting with Ed Simons of the Chemical Brothers. Allen had just found out her grandmother died, and reportedly sought comfort from her ex. Nothing like a dead grandmother to bring people together.