Britney Lets K-Fed Carve Out Some ‘Me’ Time

The recent ruling granting Britney Spears sleepover privileges with her two sons hasn’t bummed out their father, Kevin Federline.

While Britney enjoyed 12 weekend hours with Jayden James and Sean Preston, Federline and a diaper-free posse lit up Miami, People magazine reports.

Mr. “PopoZao” rolled into South Beach club Glass in the wee hours of Thursday morning, spending most of his time smoking and text-messaging at a corner table. The next night Federline hosted a party at Mansion with his buddy DJ Irie.

Meanwhile, according to E! Online, the toddlers spent Saturday night at Britney’s Los Angeles home and were picked up before noon on Sunday, while Federline made his groggy way back to L.A.

Britney babysitting might seem like an ideal arrangement for young gadabout Federline, but the aspiring rapper is reportedly working on a new song called “Daddy’s Home,” and he seems to mean it.

“Kevin is seeking to maintain the sole legal and physical custody,” says Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan. “There’s nothing magical about 50-50. There’s nothing magical about 60-40. What’s magical is…the order that best suits the best interest of the children.”

But the most magical thing of all? The fact that this subnormal club-hopper is still probably the more stable of the two parents.

No wonder the man can’t stop winning Father of the Year awards.