Emile Hirsch Is a Model of Manhood

Much like the monochromatic ads recently done by David Beckham for Emporio Armani and Justin Timberlake for Givenchy, Speed Racer star Emile Hirsch is starring in a campaign of black-and-white photos promoting fashion house Valentino.

The Into the Wild actor is the face of the line’s spring/summer 2009 collection for men. The ads, shot in Milan, were unveiled along with the collection in Paris on Friday.

Simultaneously, Hirsch is keeping up on his day job, trotting the globe to promote Speed Racer. Positive critical reviews haven’t attracted U.S. audiences, but people are different in Japan.

Also, it would have helped to include David Beckham’s bulge somewhere in the movie poster. That wad can sell just about anything.

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