Happily Unwed Couples Attend Casual Premiere

Happily Unwed Couples Attend Casual Premiere-photo

For the unveiling of his directorial debut, Battle in Seattle, Stuart Townsend escorted his film's leading lady, Charlize Theron, along the red carrpet. Charlize just happens to be the number one woman in Stuart's offscreen life as well.

While chatting with press after Sunday night's screening at Malibu Cinemas, Townsend joked about his use of the casting couch to get his girlfriend on the project. "She had to sleep with me," Townsend joked. It can also be assumed that he asked her to shower first.

The shirtless surfer gangster Matthew McConaughey and his very pregnant girlfriend, Camila Alves, were also in attendance. Interestingly enough, Theron appears to be wearing a similar style of dress to Camila's.

Hmmm, she couldn't be hiding the beginning of her own out-of-wedlock baby bump? Those are very in these days—even more so than adopting.



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  • hispanicatthedisco

    Camila is one hot preggo. But I think her and Matt's hotness will cancel each other out and their kid will be born with a unibrow like Madonna's daughter Lourdes.

  • xoxojaniepie

    and she is definitely pregnant... look at her baby bump when she went appeared on David Letterman

  • xoxojaniepie

    Stuart Townsend is sooo lucky to have Charlize on his arm

  • lilmissmonk

    Cant a girl gain a little weight?? i dont think she's preg!

  • hwoodgrrl

    She SO pregnant!