Madonna and Guy Ritchie Stop Ringing Each Other Up

It looks like Guy Ritchie and Madonna’s marriage is going the way of $4-a-gallon gasoline.

Fueling the rampant rumors that the couple are on the precipice of divorce, the singer and the film director were spotted in New York and London, respectively, their wedding rings conspicuously absent from their fingers.

Madge was in the Big Apple rehearsing her Sweet & Sticky tour when observers noted her lack of a ring. Her mouthpiece, Liz Rosenberg, quickly issued a statement to People: “Madonna has rarely worn a wedding band over these last six years, so there’s no secret message about that.”

Well, sure; jewelry is probably cumbersome when she’s bench-pressing polar bears or whatever it is she does to maintain her manly physique.

In London, Ritchie was similarly without marriage-confirming adornment while meeting up with Sting’s wife, Trudie Styler.

They don’t wear their wedding rings. They sleep in separate beds, even when traveling together. They have apparently stopped worshiping together.

If their relationship looked like any more of a sham, they could give these guys lessons.