Nicole Kidman Makes a Mixtape for Her Baby

Australia actress Nicole Kidman is micro-managing the birth of her and Keith Urban’s child, from setting up a private hospital room in Nashville, Tennessee, to scoring the delivery soundtrack.

“Nicole has been putting together CDs of music to listen to during labor,” the Daily Mail reports. Foremost in the mix? The soothing sounds of Irish flautist Sir James Galway.

“She has always loved James Galway,” a friend told the paper. “Whenever you go to her house, she has Galway on. There is one Prokofiev sonata that is her favorite.” Classy!

Nicole, 41, will also throw a bone to her country king hubby by tossing in a few Urban songs. The nurse can fast-forward through that clatter when Keith’s occupied by all the placenta and screaming and such.

There are no reports that Kidman has a Botox needle poised abover her eyebrows for the second that baby has cleared the canal.

Hey, it’s been a while. She has some face freezing to catch up on.