Patrick Demspey vs. Gerard Butler: The Versace Wars

Patrick Demspey vs. Gerard Butler: The Versace Wars-photo

Patrick Dempsey might soon have a little extra time for those race cars he loves so much.

OK! magazine is reporting that 300 star Gerard Butler is poised to replace the stubbly-faced Grey's Anatomy dreamboat as the spokesmodel for Versace menswear.

A mole tells the mag, "Donatella [Versace] personally invited Gerard to Milan to her June 21 runway show...she's the only woman in the world trying to get him to put on clothes, not take them off."

Word is, the company feels that freewheeling ladies' man Butler—who's made time with Cameron Diaz and Dancing with the Stars' Cheryl Burke—would present a more exciting image for the brand than married father-of-two Dempsey.

Of course, it's a bit ironic that Butler, who's primarily known for prancing around in little more than a loincloth, would be chosen to model clothes.

If Dempsey thinks he has pec envy now, just imagine how he'll feel if he's replaced by this two-fisted sword-swinger.



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  • sally hansen
    sally hansen

    Gerard Butler is the handsomest man I have ever seen in my life.That Dempsy guy I don't see anything in him. Never did. If he were standing in front of me completely naked ,I wouldn't even look. Gerard Butler I think is absolutely beautiful . His face and his body is incredable God carved him out. Dempsy he threw together

  • Sue

    No contest. Gerry Butler of course. I never did see the attraction in the other guy.

  • silvia

    gerard looks much better than that mcdreamy little guy...if they need a good model ,defenetely it will be my gerard...he is so macho...

  • ana pimentel
    ana pimentel

    Gerry Butler of course! I love him!

  • neverneverland

    i love my phantom of the opera :)

  • gossipguy

    they're both hot, they should just do the ad together

  • maneater

    Totally dempsey!!

  • rforrumor

    oh helllllll no, Patrick Dempsey is so much more handsome than Gerard...

  • hwoodgrrl

    I'm so so so so excited for the 300 sequel. Did I mention im excited?

  • lilmissmonk

    They both are good in my book