Sienna Miller Shags a Brother

Sienna Miller was reportedly seeing married Brothers & Sisters babe Balthazar Getty during her relationship with Rhys Ifans. The Sun reports that Miller had been maintaining contact with the actor/oil heir during visits to Los Angeles.

Sienna ended her engagement and relationship with actor Ifans earlier this month. Sienna and Balthazar began their own coupling with a dinner in Los Angeles in March.

“Sienna’s known Balthazar a while, and they’ve spent more time together over the last four months. They became closer after spending time dining with friends at the Chateau Marmont in March and April. But when Sienna realized she had feelings for Balthazar, she ended her relationship with Rhys over the phone,” a source says.

If you thought you remembered hearing that Getty’s married, you are correct. His wife, designer Rosetta Millington, has reportedly taken the kids and fled to Italy since Sienna took a wrecking ball to her home.

They sure pulled a fast one on Ifans, as he’d had his knickers in a twist for weeks now thinking his girl was shagging her Edge of Love costar Matthew Rhys.

Seems Sienna met Getty through Matthew, who plays Getty’s bro on the show.

Anyone else need a scorecard for this chick’s love life?