Video: Evangeline Lilly Gets Wet

The gorgeous Evangeline Lilly wants you to smell good. And she’s gonna strip down to prove it. Lilly is the new face of Coty’s Cool Water cologne.    

As Kate on ABC’s Lost, she’s no stranger to splashing about in the ocean. Except on the show, she’s usually being sent through wormholes in space or having to choose between two intensely scruffy men. So, shilling for perfume must be a nice break for her.

Cool Water “represents the juxtaposition between purity and sensuality, and there’s that sort of fresh newness,” she says. “On top of it, there’s strength that’s underneath it all, that is where sensuality comes from—versus just pure sexiness.”

Huh? Yeah, no one else gets it either, but she’s a face not a spokesperson. See for yourself…