Will Smith Opens School for Scientology

Tom Cruise buddies Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith deny they are Scientologists. But they will open an elementary school in Los Angeles that will use a teaching method based on L. Ron Hubbard’s controversial religion.

The couple are among the founders of the “nondenominational” New Village Academy, which is set to open on Sept 3 and will employ Scientologist teachers. Children of all religious backgrounds are reportedly welcome to enroll.

“New Village Academy was born of a simple question: Is it possible to create an educational environment in which children have fun learning?” Will asks. “Jada and I believe the answer is yes.”

The Hubbard “study technology” focuses on “hands-on experience, mastering a subject before moving on and not reading past words students don’t understand,” according to E! Online. The school will feature classes in robotics, yoga and etiquette and have a no-sugar policy.

Oh, yeah, it’s for nondenominational robots, all right.