Amy Winehouse’s Revolving-Door Rehab

Amy Winehouse is a girl on the go.

In the past two weeks alone, the beehived “Rehab” singer has shambled through a private  concert in Russia, been hospitalized after passing out at her London home, received an emphysema diagnosis, boozed her way through Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday concert and punched a fan during a Glastonbury show.

Is it any wonder the embattled belter quick-stepped it out of a London clinic yesterday, just one day after checking herself in?

London’s Daily Mail is reporting that Wine-O was out partying with friends until 4:30 Tuesday morning after absenting from the hospital, hitting up concert venue the Monarch and a kebab shop before bringing the bash back to her pad.

Sources say Winehouse was adamant about leaving the clinic after Sunday’s Glastonbury fiasco.

“She told [her father] Mitch: ‘I’m climbing the walls in here. I need to get out,’ ” the insider reveals. “[Mitch] realized that he had to let her leave, otherwise he’d have no control over where she goes and what she gets up to.”

Winehouse’s next stop may well be Pentonville Prison, where incarcerated hubby Blake Fielder-Civil is currently awaiting sentencing. The Sun released several raunchy, if error-ridden, letters Fielder-Civil wrote to his pokey pen pal, Melissa Goldstone.

Blake, who is in for perverting the course of justice, relayed various sex fantasies to Goldstone, such as, “I squeeze your throat whilst your [sic] s*ck me and I ask you if your [sic] a dirty b*tch.”

He even hinted that the two might take a six-month sex-and-drugs romp in Thailand, writing, “We can just sun ourselves, I can f*** you all over the country and the gear there is f****** unreal!!! Something to look forward to innit??”

Wow, sounds like the course of justice wasn’t the only thing the guy’s been perverting.

Amy’s been known to head-butt complete strangers. Who knows what she’ll unleash on a husband who’s been catting around via the postal system?