Celebs Get Their Fill of ‘Hancock’

Taking time out from building their Scientology-inspired learning compound, Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith showed up at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood last night for the premiere of Will’s latest big-budget flick, Hancock.

In addition to costars Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron (who presumably showered for the event), Will was accompanied by Jamie Foxx, Amanda Peet, Queen Latifah, Sean Combs—or whatever he’s calling himself these days—and Minnie Driver, who appeared to be about 13 months pregnant.

The film, loosely based on comic-book characters, tells the story of a troubled and reckless soul with superhuman powers.

Whether the movie will prove as powerful with moviegoing audiences as Smith’s past Fourth of July offerings, remains to be seen. A USA Today review calls Hancock “poorly conceived and misguided,” opining, “it almost feels as if everyone involved just gave up.”

Awww, sounds like someone’s a little jealous.