David Beckham Still Going for the Gusto

David Beckham is constantly adjusting his junk. Check him out in almost any game he’s ever played in.

Here he is representing his L.A. Galaxy against the D.C. United and making sure everything is copacetic below the waistline.

Whassup with this mate? Is it because his wife, Posh Spice, tries to snatch the goods to put in her Birkin bag so she literally owns everything he has? Is it a bad case of jock itch? Is it a good-luck tug? (Uh, probably not, since the Galaxy lost 4-1.)

Nah. Those boys right there are moneymakers—they star in their own series of Armani underwear adverts. People come from far and wide simply to get a gander. Becks is probably just checking on his investment.