Jessica Biel: Will Blog for Friends

Actress Jessica Biel has begun a blog on MySpace. In her first post, Justin Timberlake’s babe reveals that she only has six friends. Not counting her dog, Tina—who’s “not really into blogging.” Shame.

“I have been ‘internet challenged’ long enough and am thrilled to join the tech revolution! Plus, I only have four friends and am in dire need of more. Just kidding, I have six.”

If Jessica was hoping to gain new confidants by putting her deep thoughts over the Web, she may want to skip the comments she’s received so far.

Embittered blog readers apparently find her to be deceitful and a closeted lesbian.

“So you admit you only now joined the tech revolution,” says one disbelieving commentator. “So who was JT talking about on Oprah, the girl he described but refused to name, with whom he mentioned using internet chat while praising technology? Not you.”

A Yoda-impersonating reader wants Biel to admit she’s a sister of Sappho and that her Justin is light in his Guccis.

“Dumb that gay boy-friend of yours! Oh and come out!! We need more hot outed celeb babes like yourself.”

If you’re gonna blog, girl, be ready for the feedback.

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