Jessica Simpson Meets the Parents

Over endless soup and salad (or is it breadsticks?), Jessica Simpson was interviewed by the parents of her Dallas Cowboys quarterback boyfriend Tony Romo.

The major relationship step of introducing Jess to his mother and father seems to indicate that Tony is serious and should put to rest rumors that the two were headed for a breakup.

Unless the parents decide they hate her.

No one was more surprised to see Jessica turn up at the Janesville, Wisconsin, Olive Garden (near Romo’s hometown) than the restaurant’s general manager, Doug Belfanz. Belfanz told People he initially thought the reservation was a joke. “Jessica Simpson’s not going to the Olive Garden in Janesville, Wisconsin!” he said.

But she did. Both she and Romo reportedly looked very comfortable. “They were acting like a couple,” observed doubting Belfanz.

Well, whatever relationship problems these two might have, it’s nothing some carbs and cheese can’t fix. Oh, yeah, and some meat.