Paris Hilton Classes Up the Joint

Pure-as-the-driven-snow Paris Hilton must have finally had a stylist tell her how she’s been looking cheap as hell for the last umpteen years. ‘Cause here she is in a new photo shoot looking Aryan, domestic and…halfway classy?

Is this a part of her continuing makeover? Hilton has seemingly settled down (for now) with Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden, and she recently donated a substantial sum to a children’s hospital in Los Angeles.

Can the queen of questionable self-promotion turn over a new leaf? She probably still shouldn’t be allowed near kids (as she is in these photos) until the Centers for Disease Control gives an official okay, but these shots are light-years from her usual slutty desperation schtick.

Granted, she’s still showing off the chicken gams and clutching a live animal that she’s later going to abandon to fend for itself, but progress is progress.

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