Spencer Pratt vs. Mary-Kate Olsen: It's On!

Spencer Pratt vs. Mary-Kate Olsen: It's On!-photo

In this corner, wearing a smug look of self-satisfaction, Hills breakout Spencer Pratt! And in this corner, weighing in at an estimated 53 pounds, Mary-Kate Olsen!

The public spat between Pratt and Olsen is shaping into a juicy hatefest.

The volley of blows started when Mary-Kate appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman and characterized old high school soccer teammate Pratt as an ill-tempered brat. Ever quick-witted, Pratt responded by calling Mary-Kate the "less cute" Olsen.

But as People notes, theirs is a long-running beef.

In a 2007 interview with Details, Pratt gloated he made $50,000 back in his school days by hawking a photo of M.K. knocking back booze.

This rivalry of the celebrity titans will surely be resolved in a conclusive, possibly bloody manner. Which combatant will survive?

On one hand, Pratt is notoriously well armed.

On the other hand, Mary-Kate has her hypnotic stare of death, with which she mesmerizes foes before devouring them in their spellbound state.

Besides, anybody who's made out with Ben Kingsley is clearly capable of withstanding anything.



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  • coastalgal77

    Spencer's eyes should be stuck in the back of his head from all of his eye rolling. He is so smug and stupid. I love David Letterman. Spencer is so full of himself he doesn't even see how David was clobbering him through out the interview. You KNOW clearly what David thinks of the Spedi duo and they just sit there laughing and stupidly not "getting" that they are being insulted and they are not being laughed with but laughed at!!! As far as Mary Kate. Who is going to vote for the ugliest slime in Hollywood against our little Michelle????

  • noah

    Team Spencer.

  • missamericandream

    Spencer sucks. MK at least has talent

  • sexytractor

    Mary-Kate is a great actress and will def prove herself once again in The Wackness!!

  • bawwow

    they both suck!

  • sharkbait

    well she IS the uglier twin

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Spencer is the sleaze that sleaze wipes off its feet before entering the house.