David Beckham Is Fishy

David Beckham supposedly has breath that smells like the score of a deep sea fishing trip that someone neglected to place in the freezer.

Star magazine reports that wife Victoria Beckham reportedly has trouble even kissing him despite his underwear-model good looks. She’s constantly shouting “pee-yoo!” whenever she tries to land a smooch. But she could also be remembering Corey Haim selling her ass out.

Why do Beckham’s carbon dioxide emissions smell like a tide pool at high noon? “Becks is the spokesperson for Go3 [vitamin supplements]—he even appears on the box—so he has to take it despite the consequences,” says a source.

“And he really believes in the product. He says it gives him more energy.” Good for the bod, bad for the breath, apparently.

The L.A. Galaxy’s top star pops breath mints constantly to cover up the stench, but they’re “not much” help.

Beck’s “hot jock” image is taking a beating lately.  With this new breath issue and his constantly playing pocket pool, it’s more like “special classroom.”