Leighton Meester Is a Real Cover Girl

Petite beauty Leighton Meester adorns the cover of celebrity shopping magazine Lucky this August to discuss her own currently extremely lucky life.

“I know it’s corny to say…I love my life right now. The fashion alone is pretty unbelievable,” she tells the mag.

Lucky isn’t the only periodical the CW It babe is gracing during the summer of Girl. Meester also pops up with her fellow Gossip cast members in a photo spread in Vanity Fair’s “Hollywood’s New Wave” issue.

“I’m more a normal person than, like, a fashion girl. For everyday, I like Fluxus—it’s really soft. I really like Foley & Corinna; they do a good mix of vintage and new,” she says.

Then it’s on to more probing questions, like what kind of phone she uses, since she’s so working-class…no, just kidding, guys, she’s rich.

“Why do you assume I don’t have a Nokia pay-and-go phone?” she jokes. “No, I have a BlackBerry.” Couldn’t you just kill her?

Oh, and she prefers Justin Timberlake to John Mayer. Yeah, who doesn’t?