Madonna and Guy Still Faking Like Marriage Is Great

Madonna and Guy Ritchie gamely dined at Upper West Side restaurant Cesca last night. Both participants were missing their wedding rings and their smiles.

They were photographed holding hands, for a nanosecond, but that seemed to be the extent of the togetherness.

The sit-down came on the heels of Madonna’s longtime rep Liz Rosenberg releasing a statement claiming that Mr. and Mrs. Madonna’s situation “does not need saving.”

Maybe because it’s already over.

Rosenberg’s denial is somewhat suspect: Both Madonna and husband have been spotted at the offices of separate London divorce attorneys in recent weeks.

And then there’s the A-Rod situation. According to the rags, Madge has been letting him hit pop flys into her mitt for quite some time.

Or maybe Guy and wife are incredibly happy, and the food was just really bad.