Rose McGowan: Not Particularly Charmed These Days

Rose McGowan’s breakup with director Robert Rodriguez seems to have cast a bad spell on her career.

Page Six reports that, since the two recently called it quits, three upcoming Rodriguez flicks—a remake of ’60s cult classic Barbarella, Red Sonja and Woman in Chains!—that McGowan had planned to star in may now feature other actresses.

A case of payback by a jilted man? Not really. Industry sources say it’s a matter of box-office math. After the McGowan-starring Grindhouse raked in a dismal $25.4 million domestically, Rodriguez apparently couldn’t find financing for Barbarella with McGowan as the lead.

“Too bad Grindhouse didn’t gross $100 million. Then, maybe, Barbarella would have gotten the green light,” says one source. “Instead, the moguls were saying, ‘We need a bigger star, a bigger name.’ “

Word is Jessica Alba may replace McGowan in the sexpot role, which was made famous by Jane Fonda.

Great! So Ro-Ro will get to make his movie, the world will get to see Jessica in a skintight space-girl outfit and Rose will become such tainted goods that she may have to seek roles in the San Fernando Valley to pay the rent.

Now, that’s a Hollywood ending!