Sad, Lonely Zac Wanders the Parking Garages of L.A.

With girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens off taking over the planet with her extensive laundry list of projects, Zac Efron was left to brave the L.A. paparazzi all by his lonesome.

It’s hard to tell what dark corridor he was lurking in here, but at least he has his trendy Rock and or Roll tee as a security blanket. But those shades? Not quite the most genius disguise when you wanna go incognito.

But don’t be so glum, Zac. Surely you’ve got some photos of Vanessa to keep you company while she’s in New York. Maybe on your cell phone?

The two teenage lovebirds will be reunited on the big screen this fall in High School Musical: Senior Year. Rock and or roll?