Shannen Doherty’s Not Saying No to ‘90210’

Looks like Brenda Walsh may finally be changing her professional-student status and heading back to California’s most famous Zip code.

E! is reporting that Shannen Doherty is “currently engaged in formal talks” to reprise her role as Brandon’s twin sis on the forthcoming Beverly Hills, 90210 spinoff for the CW. Hmmm, what convoluted plot line will they come up with to explain her character’s, oh, 14 years of banishment acting school in England?

Don’t start disinfecting your old Shannen lunchbox in celebration just yet. E! also notes the raven-haired starlet wants to see what the full story for the show will be and would like a bigger payday than what is being offered before signing on.

Oh, right—a script! Think the CW thought hype alone was going to carry this project!

But poor Tori Spelling. First her pet pooch heads to the big dog park in the sky, and now she’s faced with once again working alongside her old archnemesis.