Britney and Mary-Kate Don’t Feel the Emmy Love

The 11 Emmy semifinalists for Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series were announced yesterday, and Britney Spears and Mary-Kate Olsen were not among them.

Many thought Brit would slide in for her “comeback” double portrayal of a crazed receptionist on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother. For once, Brit seemed to have done something right, with TV Guide referring to her as “harmless and (dare I say) kind of cute.”

For Britney, that’s like a Nobel Peace Prize!

Quirky fashion twin Mary-Kate wafted about in a role on Showtime’s Weeds as a Jesus freak teenage weed dealer, and her omission from the Emmy list is less of a surprise.

Lindsay Lohan, perhaps realizing the Emmy committee isn’t feeling tabloid terrors, didn’t submit her name for her guest role on Ugly Betty.

Actresses who did nab guest-spot noms include Sarah Silverman (Monk), Edie Falco (30 Rock), Vivica A. Fox (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Amy Ryan (The Office).

Where does Emmy get off requiring actual acting ability?